Why is Professional Medication Management Critical in Managing Certain Conditions

The decision to use medication to manage mental health conditions should be a thoughtful decision made between the provider and the patient. Medication management for mental health conditions is unique in that the primary provider with the most contact with the patient may not be the one who prescribes medication.  A patient may see a psychologist or [...]

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How to Identify the Different Types of PTSD

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) affects roughly 7.7 million adults in the United States. The disorder is a reaction to having witnessed or involved in a traumatic event such as death, the threat of death, serious injury or forms of sexual violation.  The symptoms can appear immediately or manifest years after the event. Common symptoms of PTSD include: [...]

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How Can I Spot My Need for Mental Health Support?

It is common to question when to seek mental health support. Many mental health issues do not present with easily identifiable symptoms to act as a guide. To further confuse the issue, when struggling with a mental health issue, the illness itself can make it difficult to know that you need help. There is a natural tendency [...]

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How To Tell If Your Spouse Is Clinical Depressed

Depression goes beyond normal, acute sadness; it’s an all-encompassing disorder that affects the sufferer’s daily life – it makes the world seem hopeless, and is heartbreaking to the sufferer’s loved ones who are watching it happen. Here are some behaviors that may signal your significant other or spouse is suffering from clinical depression: Reduced (or eliminated) social [...]

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The Signs & Symptoms of an Eating Disorder

An eating disorder is a disease of the mind – the physical aspect of restriction or bingeing is a manifestation of the mental and emotional state of the brain. You don’t need to “look sick” to have an eating disorder; it affects all shapes and sizes, and often falls through the cracks because many people who have [...]

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Coping With Job Stress

According to the American Psychological Association, at least 60% of Americans experience job-related stress; additionally, the AMA estimates that up to 90% of primary doctor visits can be linked to stress. Even if you’re passionate about your work and/or working in your vocational area, you’re not immune to job stress. One of the biggest problems with job-related [...]

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All About PTSD

Posttraumatic stress affects nearly every aspect of the sufferer’s life, and overflows into the lives of anyone surrounding him/her. 7-8% of Americans suffer from PTSD (that does not include partial PTSD, which is when people do not meet the criteria for textbook PTSD, but do have some symptoms and are suffering) annually, exhibiting active symptoms that alter [...]

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Arcara Psychiatry Anxiety During Pregnancy Treatment

It’s normal to feel anxious about certain things before, during, and after pregnancy – after all, you are now responsible for the growth of another little human inside of you (and taking care of him or her for years to come)! But something that many women either are ashamed to discuss or simply don’t recognize because it’s [...]

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Anxiety Treatment Options and Strategies

Do you feel uneasy around crowds, or places where new people will be present? Do you avoid these places, and as a result become withdrawn and isolated from those around you? Anxiety is more common than you think – 18% of Americans are diagnosed with the mental illness Anxiety can lead to depression. It makes it difficult [...]

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