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Tasia Henderson

Dr. Tasia Henderson

Tasia Henderson


Dr. Tasia Henderson is a certified nurse practitioner. She has 10 (+) years of experience in psychiatric medicine. Dr. Henderson has managed clients in both the inpatient and outpatient sectors. She specializes in treatment of ADHD, Bipolar disorders, Depression, Anxiety as well as OCD, Substance Abuse and Alternative medicine therapies. She has mentored and taught students at some of the major Universities across the United States including the University of Rhode Island. Dr. Henderson values a comprehensive approach to mental health to help individuals realize their positive attributes as they strive for improved health, wellness & healing. While medication is an important component of treatment, she offers a holistic approach to mental health, which includes healthy lifestyle habits such as sleep, proper diet & nutrition, good hygiene, and exercise.



  • Psychiatry


  • Doctorate, University of Rhode Island


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