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Medication Management

Medication Management

Arcara Personalized Psychiatry provides Medicare-designed medication management services that ensure you get the most benefits out of your medication plan. We aim to help you get value from all the medications you take. With professional help, you can ensure your medicine is working for you, find lower-cost alternatives, and ask questions regarding your medications.

Like many Arcara members, you take a variety of medications prescribed by different doctors. But with medication management guidance, you’re not winging it but know exactly how your drugs affect you.


What is Medication Management?

In medication management therapy (MMT), pharmacists and healthcare providers work together to ensure their patients use the medication correctly and understand the medication. It is a method of treating patients to ensure that they receive the best therapeutic results from prescription drugs.


Medicine management therapy involves several activities, including:


  • Examining and assessing the patient’s medication, including potential interactions and side effects.

  • We develop short- and long-term treatment strategies

  • We monitor the efficacy and safety of all prescription dosage plans

  • Educating patients to ensure they follow guidelines and instructions

How Can I Benefit From It?

Most patients don’t realize how their medication regimen affects their health and well-being. Sometimes, you might forget to take your medications on time or in the right amount. Our medical team closely monitors any adverse reactions or drug interactions that may threaten their recovery and ensure the correct dosage and timing of the medication.

We assess your medication needs and review prescribed medications, highlighting any potential side effects. Sometimes, patients may no longer be on an effective medication or require a prescription for a drug that isn’t prescribed yet.

Following this initial evaluation, we monitor all your medications, including over-the-counter medicines regularly, to ensure that no two or more drugs interact negatively–polypharmacy. We also ensure none of the drugs cause side effects that negatively impact the patient’s quality of life.

Medication management can be beneficial to you if you:

  • Take prescription or over-the-counter drugs,
  • Take herbal remedies or dietary supplements
  • Use multiple prescriptions,
  • Have multiple health issues
  • Have questions or problems with their medications
  • Are taking medications that require close monitoring
  • Are hospitalized and gets their medications from over one pharmacy

The United States faces significant challenges in managing medication-related issues. We examine all of your medications, including prescriptions and over-the-counter treatments. Each prescription comes with directions on how to take it correctly, as well as a chart to help you track your progress.

How Does Arcara Manage My Medicine?

We ensure you receive the best care, and our professional specializing in psychiatric care analyzes your medication. Online drug interaction and medical diagnostic tools aren’t a reliable way to manage your medication dosage or determine which medicine is best for your mental health issue.

How we help our patients with their medication:

  1. Manage Costs – Is your medication too expensive to allow you to take the recommended dosage or to skip doses? Our staff can assist you in finding an affordable solution, such as generic drugs or a less expensive alternative to the medication you are taking.
  2. Adverse reactions – The side effects of anxiety, depression, and ADHD medication may cause patients to skip doses or stop taking them. Don’t skip doses – let us help you find mental health meds that are effective and have minimal side effects.
  3. Source medications with little or no risk – You do not have to stay on your current medication and dosage if it doesn’t work well. There are safer alternatives to high-risk medication. While we often prescribe these medications only for short-term use, they quickly become part of a patient’s daily medication regimen, resulting in chemical dependence. Sometimes, safer alternatives are effective in providing the same level of relief as high-risk medications.
  4. A Complicated Medication Regimen – When patients take multiple medications, they often feel overwhelmed. As part of our medication analysis, we look at each medicine in detail to see if we can simplify your daily regimen. It may involve gradually removing supplements and medications that are unnecessary.
  5. Ensure you have timely access to all your medications – After establishing your medication management plan, we will always work with you to access your medicines. The service is convenient for people who live far from the pharmacy or who travel frequently.

Poor lifestyle choices, sleep deprivation, and stressful circumstances can intensify symptoms of sadness or anxiety. Certain medical conditions can make psychological disorders worse. As part of the evaluation, we will carefully examine your:

  • Medical history
  • Past and present medications
  • Your lifestyle
  • Food and nutrition
  • Supplements
  • Physical or mental health factors that may influence your well-being

Let Us Help You Manage Your Drugs

Our psychiatrists and practitioners can help you discover whether medication is the right choice for you. There are many unknowns with medications; however, learning how a professional can help with your medication management will help ease many unknowns. A psychiatric evaluation can also be less stressful if you know what to expect. 

At Arcara Personalized Psychiatry, we provide compassionate, non-judgmental care that is open and accepting. We wish to treat adult mental health disorders without drugs, and if need be, we assist you in finding alternatives to high-risk medicines. Our psychiatrists treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), anxiety disorders, psychoses, attention difficulties, insomnia, and other mental health disorders in adults in our clinic.


We do not have a psychiatrist on-site or a crisis intervention team. Because of this, we are unable to provide care for patients requiring particular types of psychiatric care. We can provide referrals to Boston and surrounding area psychiatric clinics or larger psychiatry offices who offer a comprehensive team.

Our practice manager can determine if our office will be able to provide you with the care you need.


Adolescents, 18 and older, are seen on a case-by-case basis and must have a therapist prior to evaluation.

Our practice manager can determine if our office is able to provide your teen with the best care.


We have offices in Westborough, Boston. Fill out our online intake form or call us directly.

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